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 At Greenbay our emphasis is on Quality of Service, not quantity of clients. Your organisation will be treated accordingly with personal service and solutions specific to your needs. We value our clientele and are proud of the technology we offer. We treat our clients as members of a very special community and realise our product's performance and our company's attitude are the most important contributors to client satisfaction.

Featured Product - Mid-Band Ethernet

Mid-Band Ethernet Mid-Band Ethernet also known as Ethernet over Copper (EoC) uses multiple standard copper lines from your local exchange to deliver speeds up to 40 Megbits per second. Mid-Band Ethernet is symmetrical which means the downstream and upstream speeds are equal. Factors which may limit full 40 Megabit speed include the distance from your local telephone exchange as well multiple line availability in your building and also line quality from your building to the exchange.


 To Find out if your business is service by a Mid-Band exchange give Greenbay a call on 1300 131 782 for a free quote.

Featured Product - IP Phone 1165E

The IP Phone 1165E is a multi-line professional-level deskset with a high-resolution, fully-backlit, QVGA color LCD display. The enhanced configuration menus and Nortel IP Phone 1165E USB peripheral support provide a superior navigation experience. The integrated Bluetooth® Audio gateway offers greater freedom and mobilty. The set includes an integrated phone switch with Gigabit Ethernet LAN and PC ports. When the phone is idle users fully experience the personalized background images and capabilities, as well as the Digital Picture Frame mode.